Dispute leads to Gasparillo murder

Brandon Mohammed -
Brandon Mohammed -

A Gasparillo man said he narrowly escaped death when the killer of Brandon Mohammed pointed the gun in his direction, but it failed to discharge.

Mohammed, 24, was killed on Thursday night outside his Buttercup Lane, Harmony Hall home around 8 pm on Thursday.

He was in the company of a young woman and another man when the incident occurred.

The other man told the Newsday, “God saved me to tell the truth, because if I did not live, everybody, including the media, would have reported that his death was either drug or gun related.”

The witness said,” Mohammed was my friend. We went to school together. It is an innocent man who got killed. He was just exchanging harsh words with the gunman. He did not have to kill him because of that.”

A police report said, around 8 pm on Thursday, Mohammed was in the company of two others when a dark coloured Nissan B11 car pulled alongside them.

The driver of the vehicle approached Mohammed and there was an argument between the two. The gunman then pulled out a firearm, pointed it at Mohammed and fired.

Mohammed slumped to the ground. The other man told police the gunman then pointed the gun at him, and he ran.

The killer got into his vehicle and drove off.

“I run as fast as I could. I am sure I could not outrun a bullet if he had fired at me, but the gun did not discharge.

“I feel like God saved me because I am a Christian and I believe in God. I read my Psalms all the time.”

The man said after the assailant left, he went to Mohammed’s aid, but he showed no signs of life.

While travelling to the San Fernando General Hospital in a private vehicle, they were met by EHS personnel in an ambulance who took Mohammed to the hospital.

He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Doctors said there was a single gunshot wound to his abdomen.

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI’s) PC Ramnarine and WPC Simon processed the scene and recovered two spent .380 mm shells

PC’s Ramoutar and Bhola of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region Three, also visited the scene.

A search is now on for the suspect.


"Dispute leads to Gasparillo murder"

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