Flooding as a political tool in wet season

Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan - ANGELO MARCELLE
Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan - ANGELO MARCELLE

THE EDITOR: All hands on deck, especially if your home is situated on low-lying land prone to flooding every rainy season. Flooding, like rampant crime, can also be used as a political tool. And why not.

The sitting opposition can swear to the Almighty that the Government does not know how to contain flooding. Please do not laugh. The UNC is vehement that the PNM does not care enough or do enough to prevent flooding.

Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan is supposed to be preventing river-bank erosions year in year out. As if Mother Nature cares who is governing TT as she allows the ocean to flood every single river. UNC people, please check how many landslides the is PNM taking so long to fix.

Look at how the PNM has people suffering. It has to demit office, either today or tomorrow. And the political beat goes on.

Millions running into billions of dollars have been and are being used to prevent the inevitable. Should the UNC ever return to power, will it stop raining? Will the UNC and Mother Nature come to a special hug-and-kiss agreement?

It can be alleged that the flash flooding is sometimes aided and abetted by political mischief. Sabotage of the odd pump every now and again? Why? And why not? Flood relief money is big-time political honey. And if the Minister of Social Services is slow in doling out flood relief money it becomes important from the political perspective. She is wicked.

Again, the PNM does not care about citizens who live on river banks and who have built homes, some of which might have been illegally constructed on state land.

Fire the PNM because it is only the UNC loving everybody?

I ask again, if the UNC ever governs TT again, can it prevent it from raining? Will landslides disappear?

How much of the money in the Treasury will be allocated to river-bank repairs and soil erosion by the UNC, specifically? Trillions?

Ask yourself this: Is TT not the best country in which to live as climate change tightens its stranglehold on the global environment?

A straight answer will involve the reasoning behind paying property taxes.

Are we quite ready to face true political discourse?


Diego Martin


"Flooding as a political tool in wet season"

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