Reject those who seek to divide us

Steve Alvarez -
Steve Alvarez -

THE EDITOR: Let me start by offering my condolences to the people of Guyana as they deal with the tragic fire that occurred this week at one of their schools.

That incident, however, clearly brings into focus the responsibility of politicians and the oath of office that ought to guide their lives.

Governments have at various times during the management of their country to deal with natural disasters and sudden unforeseen tragedies that affect the people they are privileged to serve.

I say this as I came across on social media some vulgar, vile, racial posts regarding the two major political parties in TT. Management of a country requires one to be free of all prejudices and to see all people as equally deserving of the best services available. What was disturbing to me was that some of the people making these comments were people who want to be part of the management of TT.

Let me be very clear, if one believes that one’s race or political affiliation makes one more likely to be a murderer or pursue a life of crime, then that person should stay far from the politics of the country.

For too long the good people of TT have been silent while sectors of our society are labelled as drunks, misogynistic, corrupt and abusive to their family simply because they belong to one race. Then this degenerates into placing a sect in a particular political party.

On the other hand, some are seen as unproductive, lazy, criminally minded, not interested in family and business. They are then lumped into another political party.

The truth is that among our people of the two major races are teachers, public servants, tradesmen, business personnel, entertainers, religious leaders, caregivers, and a plethora of different categories that make up our wonderful working class.

Together the people of TT are challenged with an inefficient public service, poor infrastructure, inept management of our resources and an inability to deal with issues like crime, water distribution and infrastructure maintenance. The solutions to these challenges require input from every sector, every race, every creed.

People who see divisiveness as a means of attracting political support ought to be rejected by everyone. For too long we have tolerated the subliminal racial messages and justify the vulgarity associated with racism as sectarian.

Racism, religious intolerance, misogyny and classism must have no place in a future TT. It is time the people unite and reject wholeheartedly those who use our physical and social differences to place us into their self-seeking sects.

We are one people, one nation, under one flag seeking the best for all our people. Let that be what guides us as we move forward.


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"Reject those who seek to divide us"

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