[UPDATED] Family being wiped out in Blanchisseuse

Carver Evangelist -
Carver Evangelist -

A Blanchisseuse man whose two sons were murdered, over what relatives believe to be a dispute over a property, was himself killed by gunmen in the tiny fishing village on the north coast on Saturday.

Relatives of Carver Evangelist, 50, are accusing the police of failing to act on over 50 reports of threats made by the victim to the Blanchisseuse police, and pleaded with Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher to intervene before more blood is spilled.

Evangelist was shot several times shortly after 7 am near his O'Connor Street home. He died at the scene and his body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy.

Speaking to Sunday Newsday, Evangelist’s son Jameel Maharaj, 30, said the state had failed his family.

Maharaj described the incident as a nightmare.

“My father, brothers and myself have been making reports to that station for the past five-six years. My father alone has over 50 police reports. I have ten.

“What they want me to do, turn to crime for protection? But it is true justice belongs to God. But how much report they want again?

“Police never do anything to protect my father and my family. I’m begging the commissioner of police to help my family. I’m here today, but I might not be here tomorrow, and if I’m next, I want to police to know they have to live with our blood on their hands.”

Maharaj said his brothers andfather were not involved in any criminal activity.

His eldest brother, Sherwin Maharaj, 31, was murdered on February 17, 2021 while taking soft drinks to a relative on O'Connor Street. His other brother Michael Evangelist, 31, and Nigel Dedier, 51, were killed at a construction site in Blanchisseuse on January 27.

Maharaj said he begged his father to sell the parcel of land after the murders, but he refused.

“One time when we went on the property, the people shoot behind us. We went and made the (police) report, but nobody never get charge.

In this January 27 file photo, undertakers remove the body of one of two men gunned down at a construction site in Blanchisseuse. - Shane Superville

“Then five months ago, gunmen blocked my car by the primary school in Blanchisseuse. They tried to pull me out to kill me, but I drive and got away. I made the report and nothing – no follow-up, nothing.”

Despite his pleas for help, Maharaj said, the police appeared unwilling to offer any assistance or protection.

On February 8, his father posted a video on Facebook of an altercation between himself and a group of men over what seemed to be the ownership of a property.

In the video Evangelist, who was holding a cutlass in one hand while recording with his phone in the other, told the men, “Me ain’t running a place. Who want to play stupid, play stupid.”

On November 21, 2022, Evangelist's home was set on fire in an arson attack.

That same day he posted a photo on Facebook of a burnt area at the front door with a caption “This was the first attempt yesterday with the same person who burn it down today.”

He then posted another photo of his house in flames.

On February 15, the day of his second son’s funeral, Evangelist posted, “Blanchisseuse I hope you are very happy and to the Blanchisseuse Police Station from 2018 to now shame, shame, shame.”

Evangelist went on to claim that the officers at the station laughed at him as he was on his knees "in front the Blanchisseuse Police Station begging for help...after my first born son (Sherwin) was murdered.”

Maharaj said he made a report to the Police Complaints Authority about the failure of the police to act, but nothing changed. He claimed he has been receiving death threats via text messages for some time.

Maharaj also claims his family is being targeted by police after their home was searched for illegal firearms several times and he, his brother and cousin were arrested and later released.

“We are being victimised by police and then killed on the next hand...When other people call the police on us, they coming fast, but when my father and brother got killed, they took long to come – and the police station is five minutes away.

“I don’t trust the police, and there is no one for me and my family to turn to. Not the PCA, no one.”

PCA head David West confirmed to Sunday Newsday the authority had received a complaint from Evangelist and the PCA is still investigating it.

Messages sent to the head of the North-Eastern Division Wayne Mystar on WhatsApp and phone calls were not answered.

This story was originally published with the title "Blanchisseuse man shot dead in property dispute" and has been adjusted to include additional details. See original post below.

Less than a year after two brothers were shot dead in Blanchisseuse, gunmen murdered their father on Saturday.

Carver Evangelist, 50, was shot shortly after 7 am, in the tiny fishing village off the north coast.

His eldest son, Sherwin Maharaj was murdered on February 17, 2021 and another son, Michael Evangelist, was among two people killed at a construction site in Blanchisseuse on January 27, this year.

According to a police report, Evangelist, of O'Connor Street, Blanchisseuse was at his other property, a short distance away from his home when he was shot several times.

He died at the scene and his body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy.

Evangelist’s relatives claimed he was killed over an ongoing property dispute.


"[UPDATED] Family being wiped out in Blanchisseuse"

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