Man faces Princes Town magistrate for cussing policeman

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A man pleaded guilty before a Princes Town magistrate on March 31 to three offences arising from from the same incident.

Jamason Moonesar faced Margaret Alert, who fined him $7,500 for resisting arrest, to be paid on or before June 30 or in default, serve six months in jail with hard labour.

The magistrate also put him on a bond worth $3,000 to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for the next 12 months.

Alert reprimanded and discharged him charged with disorderly behaviour.

The police contended that on March 30, PC Gilbert and other Princes Town municipal police were on mobile patrol along Buen Intento Road in Princes Town.

A pedestrian told them about a man, later identified as Moonesar, who appeared motionless in a white Nissan Almera car parked at the roadside.

PC Gilbert got out of the police van and walked toward the car, where the man was asleep in the front passenger seat with several Stag bottles at his feet. The driver's door was wide open.

Gilbert woke Moonesar and asked if he needed medical attention.

Moonesar did not respond.

The policeman asked where the car's owner was, and Moonesar said he was the owner.

Gilbert asked for his reason for parking at the roadside.

Moonesar replied, "I resting, officer. I doh know, I just park up here. I not drunk."

Gilbert smelled alcohol on Moonesar's breath and asked if he could call someone to drive his car home.

The man insisted he was not drunk.

Moonesar then pushed the door and stepped out of the car.

Pointing toward Gilbert, Moonesar shouted, "Boss, I good, I not drunk, I could drive my car. You is a f--king p---y or what?"

The policeman warned Moonesar about using obscene language, at which he started gesticulating, causing the public members to look on.

Gilbert also warned Moonesar about behaving in a disorderly fashion and held his right hand.

Moonesar violently pulled away.

The police later arrested and charged him.


"Man faces Princes Town magistrate for cussing policeman"

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