Any hero here to help with my problem?

THE EDITOR: I recently purchased a brand new motorcycle from a local agent. I believed the company to be reputable.

My problem started just two weeks after paying $22,000 for the motorcycle. It stopped functioning just as it was to go for its first service. The manager tells me the company cannot pick it up for repairs but that I have to find a way to bring it in myself – or pay the company $350 for transport.

I had to hire a pick-up at a cost of $300 to have it transported to the repair shop. After fixing the problem, which was blamed on bad gas and a one-of-a-kind faulty part, I was sent on my way.

Just after three months and its second service it has shut down again and I once more have to fork out $300 or more to transport to have it repaired.

Instead of having a functioning vehicle that I paid the full amount for, I have an additional bill of $600 for transport to repair a faulty bike that is under warranty, plus endure loss of income and inconvenience.

There would be no refund or replacement as requested. Now this is the kind of product and service we in TT have to put up with.

Is there anyone in the Consumer Affairs Division or Bureau of Standards who would like to weigh in on this or is this how we operate? A hero, maybe?


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"Any hero here to help with my problem?"

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