bmobile launches maritime, offshore data roaming plans

SEA LINKS: One of TSTT's  ATEX junction boxes which make data connectivity at sea possible. PHOTO COURTESY TSTT - tstt
SEA LINKS: One of TSTT's ATEX junction boxes which make data connectivity at sea possible. PHOTO COURTESY TSTT - tstt

BMOBILE has launched a local offshore data roaming plan and maritime plan, both of which are designed to provide continued connectivity to people and businesses involved in offshore and maritime activity.

The new plans, which give access to ten gigabytes of roaming data, will provide customers with reliable, convenient and secure access to their data services and mobile applications while at sea, a bmobile release said on Monday.

The company said the local offshore data roaming plan – for corporate customers – and the maritime plan – for noncorporate customers – will significantly enhance the efficiency of communications for companies and people in the offshore energy sector, while also improving the livelihood, safety and security of fishermen in the offshore roaming zones.

These plans will also benefit recreational vessels and can serve as another level of safety for those in the waters around the country.

TSTT assistant GM for business sale Darryl Duke said both plans are essential components in the company's continued support of the country.

Darryl Duke, TSTT's assistant general manager for business sales. PHOTO COURTESY TSTT - TSTT

“Supporting the national economic development is in the very DNA of what we do here at bmobile. Connectivity is the lifeblood of any modern organisation and we saw a need to fill the gap in communications experienced by maritime industries,” Duke said. “We partnered with a leader in offshore roaming to enable this and expand our portfolio. This illustrates the belief and efforts we will undertake as a communications leader to keep TT powered and powering on!”

To access the plan, corporate customers are required to contact their account managers, while non-corporate customers, including fishermen and those who venture out to sea for work or recreation, can activate the plan by dialling *123# and selecting the option for Maritime Add-Ons.

Once activated, customers will receive a notification of the purchase of the add-on, and notifications at 75, 90 and 100 per cent usage of the data bundle. While the current plans are data only, bmobile will seek to add voice functionality soon.

The maritime plan is available to new and existing postpaid and prepaid customers and must be activated before going offshore or to sea.

"These new plans from bmobile give you coverage in some of the most far-reaching areas in the waters around TT," said Anton Romany, TSTT's senior manager of major accounts. "Whether you're a fisherman, a passenger on a seafaring vessel, or an employee on an offshore rig, you can now rely on bmobile to keep you connected.

"If, for instance, you are stranded at sea, you are now able to make a call using any Over-the-Top (OTT) application (eg WhatsApp, Telegram, FaceTime) from three major zones, which in some areas is as far as 40 miles offshore.”

He noted that coverage spans from the area of the Poinsettia oilfield in the north, and the Cassia B and Mahogany B oilfields in the southeast. Coverage near the Angelin field is in the works.


"bmobile launches maritime, offshore data roaming plans"

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