HDC, stop loud music by tenant

File photo: HDC building South Quay
File photo: HDC building South Quay

THE EDITOR: We the tenants of Lady Hailes Avenue Housing Project, San Fernando, are completely fed up with the unnecessary loud music which plays constantly from Sunday to Sunday. How much more of this must we take?

What is the purpose of signing an agreement between the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the tenant agreeing to all rules and regulations, including not having pets such as cats, dogs, fishes, rabbits, etc, the playing of loud music, the selling of alcohol and drugs from the apartment?

It's the complete opposite at Lady Hailes Avenue. For example, a "tenant" (it is said the person does not pay rent) in an apartment plays very loud music any hour of the day or night.

Come on HDC, people who are paying rent on time, even in advance, should not be going through this at all. We can’t sleep or watch TV in peace.

There are other tenants who own dogs and birds, including a parrot, tenants who run businesses such as barbering, carpentry, food service, etc from their apartments.

We beg and pray for some peace and justice, HDC.




"HDC, stop loud music by tenant"

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