Mother of 2021 Princes Town murder victim still waiting to hold funeral

Stock photo source: Pixabay
Stock photo source: Pixabay

Although three members of a family are before the San Fernando Magistrates' Court in connection with the 2021 disappearance and murder of Kadijah Flement, her body remains unaccounted for.

But on Tuesday, Flament's mother Anastasia Flament said she hopes to have a proper sendoff.

"I do not know how long again we have to wait to have one.

"We cannot have a funeral without a death certificate. I do not want to do a memorial service. I want closure," Anastasia said.

Body remains were found in June 2021 in Reform Village near Gasparillo, but Flament said, "My DNA and the DNA from the remains found were not compatible."

Flament, 25, was last seen alive on June 7, 2021, when she left her home at Lothians Road in Princes Town to visit her eight-year-old daughter at Olera Heights in San Fernando. Police said she was last seen there at Building Eight.

Days later, a relative reported her missing to Princes Town police.

In July 2021, the police charged Kelly Phillip, 32, a nurse from Olera Heights, as well as her sister Faith Ramsubagh, 20, of Green Hill Avenue, Tarodale, faced a magistrate charged with Flament's murder.

Their brother, Kyle "Iron Beast" Delande, 27, a scrap -iron dealer, was charged with disposing of Flament's body. He also lives at Green Hill Avenue.

PC Jagessar of the Homicide Bureau Region III laid the charges. The case is pending.


"Mother of 2021 Princes Town murder victim still waiting to hold funeral"

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