AG denies law coming to penalise cellphone, computer use

Attorney General Reginald Armour -
Attorney General Reginald Armour -

INFORMATION being circulated on social media of imminent steps to introduce legislation to penalise the use of cellphones, computers, electronic equipment and storage of videos is misleading and wholly false, the Attorney General said on Monday.

In a release, AG Reginald Armour, SC, said the material being circulated formed no part of any policy or legislation under consideration by the Government.

The release sad Government was fully aware of the need for legislation to deal with the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes. It also said it was for this reason it tried to enact the Cybercrime Bill, 2017, “but regrettably did not then secure the necessary parliamentary vote.”

The release said Armour was currently considering certain provisions as an amendment to the Computer Misuse Act, Chap. 11:17, to take to Parliament.

“Once approved by Cabinet, the focus of the proposed legislation is to address crimes which affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and communications technology system.”

Of the misinformation being circulated about penalties for cellphone and computer use, the release said, “The Government will not be a part of such draconian provisions, which are unconstitutional and in terms which infringe the rights of our citizens and the Attorney General by this statement debunks that information as wholly false.”


"AG denies law coming to penalise cellphone, computer use"

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