Need for competent people at Caribbean Airlines

File photo/Sureash Cholai
File photo/Sureash Cholai

THE EDITOR: Supporting Caribbean Airlines has always been something dear to me and I made 85 per cent of my bookings with the airline. However, it looks like CAL is now being run by people who do not care about the travelling public.

The monopoly now being bestowed on CAL is not auguring well for inter-island travellers and the airline looks like it really does not care.

I recently booked tickets for a group to tour one of the islands, although the cost was almost twice as was paid before. After two months and now having booked hotels, etc, CAL brought forward the flight by a day due to changes in its summer flight arrangements.

I then made changes to our hotel bookings, fortunately at no cost to us. Lo and behold CAL has again changed the return flight to a day earlier. Now changes must again be made to accommodations and other arrangements.

Can someone at CAL or at the government institution responsible for the airline ensure that competent, forward thinking people are hired to run the affairs of the airline?

TT is now a joke in the eyes of the rest of the Caribbean in how we operate and we are doing ourselves no favours each passing day. It seems that technology has not reached our institutions and people are still using a chalkboard to plan their business.


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"Need for competent people at Caribbean Airlines"

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