Act now before people rebel

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THE EDITOR: In our beautiful islands decent people are living in fear daily. The wayward, underprivileged youths, due to neglect and bad parenting – not even knowing how to read and write, if they did go to school – are murdering our citizens.

The prices of food and essential commodities all over the world are increasing and as most of what we buy are imported, the poor and those on fixed incomes are having to face rising prices from week to week.

Maybe those newspaper commentators who appear to have solutions can offer to assist the Government to introduce programmes to reach out and mentor the many people who are hurting and are finding themselves with no jobs or savings to support their families.

If this is not done immediately our wayward youths will rebel and riot, as mentioned by some those columnists.

Who among our successful businessmen and retired professionals will come forward to volunteer their time to save our beautiful islands from destruction?

After suffering people riot it will be too late, as foreign investment will end and the international companies in TT will close up and leave our shores, putting more citizens out of work. And the problems will get much worse for the country.


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"Act now before people rebel"

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