Don’t download those licence renewal forms

THE EDITOR: Here is a bit of advice for anyone about to apply for his/her driving licence renewal from the Ministry of Transport. Do not under any circumstance download the online forms on your computer. You will be wasting your time.

I offer this advice because of my own experience.

I printed the renewal form and because I am over 60 I also printed the medical form. My doctor and I filled out the forms and I went to the Port-of-Spain office. A man at the door looked at the forms and said, “You need a utility bill.” I argued that I did not change my address but he insisted.

I left and got my most current electricity bill and returned the following day. The man at the door looked at my forms and then said: “These are the wrong forms.” I lost my cool at that point and said these were the same forms I brought the day before and all I was told was that I needed a utility bill.

Why was I not told that the forms were wrong at that time? I am a pensioner and the gas prices have been increased, making it difficult for me to travel up and down, not to mention that I now have to pay the doctor a second time for him to fill out the new form. I also questioned how the forms could be wrong when I got them from the ministry’s website.

You see, both forms are missing one question each. It does not matter that an almost similar question rests one question above the missing ones.

Since the ministry will not accept its own forms I humbly request that whoever is responsible for this oversight to please correct it now so that other unsuspecting applicants do not get the same treatment as I.

Richard Deane

Diego Martin


"Don’t download those licence renewal forms"

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