Oasis Water raises $30,000 for breast cancer patients

Breast cancer awareness ribbon. Stock photo source: Webmd
Breast cancer awareness ribbon. Stock photo source: Webmd

Oasis Water, owned by SM Jaleel and Company Ltd, raised $30,000 for Vitas House Hospice cancer patients through a Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign in October.

Vitas House Hospice, a subsidiary of the TT Cancer Society, aims to provide cancer patients with the best quality of life during the final stages of their illness. The special care and support is funded only by donations and sponsorships.

Through the breast cancer awareness campaign, funds were raised by people buying pink-labelled Oasis water products.

A media release said the Oasis Waterinitiative was one that people look forward to, as they contribute in their own way to a worthy cause.

The brand also extended its reach to shoppers at supermarkets by giving them tokens in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Mobile Unit of the Cancer Society also visited SM Jaleel, where willing staff were screened.

Vitas House Hospice and Oasis Water thanked the public for their support and said even though Breast Cancer Awareness Month has ended, people can still continue to support the institution and its patients.


"Oasis Water raises $30,000 for breast cancer patients"

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