Order of the Republic awards for CMO Parasram, banker Prof Sterling Frost

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram during a covid19 media briefing at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex, Mt Hope on August 12, 2020. - FILE PHOTO/ROGER JACOB
Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram during a covid19 media briefing at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex, Mt Hope on August 12, 2020. - FILE PHOTO/ROGER JACOB

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram and esteemed banker and educator Prof Sterling Frost are this year's recipients of the nation's highest national award – The Order of the Republic of TT (ORTT).

Parasram is honoured for serving with "distinction during the uncertainty and disruption of the covid19 pandemic," the Office of the President said in its release on the list of the awardees.

"As Chief Medical Officer, he stewarded the nation through highs and lows, his unflappable demeanour and professional approach providing much needed calm amidst the covid19 storm. He quickly became a household name as he tirelessly provided updates and critical information, engaging the media and public daily. He has brought his profession to new heights and given unwavering, distinguished and outstanding service to TT," it said.

Frost, one of two deputy CEOs at the First Citizens group, is recognised for his service in banking, education and community service.

"Professor Frost is a leading expert in the field of banking and finance with decades of experience managing and strategising for a range of institutions locally and abroad. He has held senior positions in several organisations and is currently the deputy chairman of the Public Service Commission. Professor Frost has for over four decades championed human development, the environment and the arts, and has contributed significantly to various government, academic and civil society organisations."

In an emailed statement, Frost said it was "a privilege and honour" to receive the ORTT.

"When I consider the distinguished men and women who have received this honour before me, men and women from various disciplines who have made invaluable contributions to our country and to the lives of so many people, this carries even more significance for me.

"My passion and my motivation have always been about making a difference in the lives of people and contributing in whatever way I can to help change our country for the better. And so, while I feel an immense sense of pride and joy, I am now even more inspired to continue my work."

Prof Sterling Frost, First Citizens Deputy CEO, operations and administration, at the launch of Junior Parade of the Bands, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on January 23, 2020. - FILE PHOTO

Frost also congratulated Parasram and his medical team – who all received awards for their service during the pandemic – and all other awardees.

Dr Avery Hinds, Dr Michelle Trotman, Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards and Professor Christine Carrington were honoured with the Chaconia Medal, gold.

Other recipients of the Chaconia gold are veteran businessman Balliram Maharaj for business and community service; Prof Betty McDonald, of UTT, for education; farmer and food security advocate Ramdeo Boondoo for his contribution to agriculture.

The Chaconia Medal, silver awardees are Prof Emeritus Gordon Rohlehr, retired politician Jarrette Narine, retired registered nurse Joycelyn Hackshaw, artistic director and playwright Victor Edwards, retired dance educator Hazel Franco, architect Rudylynn DeFour- Roberts and social worker Claire Gittens.

The Chaconia Medal bronze awardee is Prof Emeritus Edgar Julian Duncan.

Sports and culture had the lion's share of the Humming Bird Medal awards. They include gold medal recipients soca star Machel Montano, tassa drummer Lenny Kumar, Indian cultural educator Dr Primnath Gooptar, veteran cyclist and sports entrepreneur Michael Phillips, champion cyclist Nicholas Paul, and track and field stars Jereem “The Dream” Richards, Machel Cedenio, Asa Guevara, Dwight St Hillaire, Kashief King and Che Lara.

Silver medal recipients include Marina Salandy -Brown, founder of the Bocas Lit Fest and Newsday columnist, cultural activist and educator Walid Baksh and pundit Gurudutt Haresh Maharaj, president general of Bharatiya Vidya Sansthhaan Institute of Indian Knowledge TT Inc, calypsonians Mark "Contender" John, Neil "Iwer" George George and Joseph Vautor La Placelière

(Mighty Lingo) and the late Sedley "Penguin" Joseph, and track and field athlete Kyle Greaux.

The Medal for the Development of Women, gold – the only award of dedicated to women – goes to Dr Gabrielle Hosein, senior lecturer, at the UWI Institute for Gender and Development Studies and Newsday columnist and Gia Gaspard- Taylor, president of the Network of Rural Women Producers of TT.

President Paula-Mae Weekes will present all national awards during a ceremony at NAPA, Port of Spain on Saturday. The national awards is now presented on Republic Day after being previously held on Independence Day. This is the first in-person ceremony in two years owing to the pandemic.

The 2022 National Awards list

Order of the Republic of TT

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram

Prof Sterling Frost

Chaconia Medal, Gold

Dr Avery Hinds

Dr Michelle Trotman

Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards

Professor Christine Carrington

Balliram Maharaj

Prof Betty McDonald

The Chaconia Medal, Silver

Prof Emeritus Gordon Rohlehr

Jarrette Narine

Joycelyn Hackshaw

Victor Edwards

Hazel Franco

Rudylynn DeFour- Roberts

Claire Gittens

Chaconia Medal, Bronze

Prof Emeritus Edgar Julian Duncan.

Humming Bird Medal, gold:

Dr Alfredo Walker

Professor Kit Fai

Martin Terry Rondon

Clement Lue Yat

Dr Jerome Teelucksingh

Lenny Kumar

Machel Montano

Michael Phillips

Dr Primnath Gooptar

Nicholas Paul

Jereem Richards

Machel Cedenio

Asa Guevara

Dwight St Hillaire

Kashief King

Che Lara

Humming Bird Medal, Silver

Marilyn Gordon

Marina Salandy-Brown

Walid Baksh

Anthony Lalacksingh

Charmaine Archer

Pundit Gurudutt Haresh Maharaj

Mark John (Contender)

Neil (Iwer) George

Sedley Joseph (Penguin, posthumously

Ulric Haynes

Vanessa Forde

Joseph Vautor La Placelière (Mighty Lingo)

Kion Benjamin

Eric Harrison Jr

Jerod Elcock

Akanni Hislop

Kyle Greaux

Humming Bird Medal, Bronze

Evans Hinds

Master Gregg Mannette

Otis Morrison (posthumously)

Noris Ferguson

Public Service Medal of Merit, Gold

Rudolph Gordon

Esme Raphael

Major General (retired) Kenrick Maharaj

Major General (retired) Rodney Smart

Rear Admiral (retired) Hayden Pritchard

Public Service Medal of Merit, Silver

Sandra Tamby-Russel

Vel Lewis

Medal for the Development of Women, Gold

Dr Gabrielle Hosein,

Gia Gaspard-Taylor


"Order of the Republic awards for CMO Parasram, banker Prof Sterling Frost"

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