Carenage man shot by police, gun, police kit found

Photo courtesy TTPS -
Photo courtesy TTPS -

A 39-year-old Carenage man is in serious condition after being shot by police on Thursday night.

Police said officers from the Carenage police station and the Western Division Task Force went to Francois Street, Carenage, at around 7 pm as part of a search for guns in the area.

They saw a man with a gun running down the stairs from a nearby house towards two policemen who were in a nearby track.

The policemen called on the man to stop but he continued towards them.

One of them shot the man. He was taken to the St James Medical Centre, where he had emergency surgery.

Police found and seized a Mac 11 machine gun with a red laser light. They also found a bag containing a black hoodie, a police hat and two police patches.

Photo courtesy TTPS -

They suspect the man may have been involved in gang warfare in Carenage. One policeman believed the tension may have been sparked by the recent return of a popular entertainer to Trinidad and Tobago. Earlier this week gunmen shot at the home of the relatives of the entertainer.

The exercise was led by Snr Supt Remy and co-ordinated by Insp Grant, with supervision from acting Cpls Robinson and Khan and assistance from PCs Clement, Hollingsworth, Seebaran, Dennis, Ottley, Bocage, Fidler and Laloo.


"Carenage man shot by police, gun, police kit found"

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