Damage control, nothing but mere scrap iron

THE EDITOR: The writing has been on the wall for scrap iron dealers for some time now, and they know it. Their efforts at damage control are a little too late.

It has taken the destruction of the nation's infrastructure to spur government to act to fix a problem that has plagued the country for many years.

Thefts from private homes and small businesses are carried out in the wee hours of the night (when police presence is reduced) to obtain items that can be sold to scrap iron dealers. This has now morphed into the theft of manhole covers, TSTT copper, brass fittings belonging to WASA, and recently, a church bell.

My business has been broken into twice since November and the only items taken were fittings made of brass, as brass is fetching a high price as scrap. The police took both reports, yet no results.

There is a scap-iron dealer in Mt Hope. Have they ever checked this operation to see if it is connected to the many break-ins in the area?

Early this morning, at 2.30 am, (Friday) I saw a man walking along Saddle Road in Boissiere Village with a new wrought-iron gate (painted white, with a new knob-lock installed) atop his head. It was so large, the over-hang hid his face from view.

One wonders which scrap dealer became the proud possessor of this gate later today.

The Prime Minister has to stay on track. The scrap iron industry is demoralising the decent citizens of this country, by robbing them of their hard-earned assets and the infrastructure that makes their lives comfortable.

I am sure with the demise of the scrap iron industry, crimes such as break-ins of homes and businesses will be greatly reduced.




"Damage control, nothing but mere scrap iron"

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