Clifford Narinesingh releases latest book: Mr Solo the Legendary Ken Charles

The cover of Clifford Narinesingh's latest book Mr Solo the Legendary Ken Charles.  -
The cover of Clifford Narinesingh's latest book Mr Solo the Legendary Ken Charles. -

CLIFFORD Narinesingh of Royards Publishing Company has released his latest sport book. This time the journey of powerboat legend Ken Charles will be highlighted, but the book does not only give readers an insight into his career on the water but his success in business.

Mr Solo the Legendary Ken Charles was released on Tuesday and is available at all leading book stores.

People interested in the Ken Charles book can visit

The hardcover books cost $225.

In the author’s preface, Narinesingh writes, “The biological work of Kenneth Charles explores the unique career if an icon, distinguished and exalted. It portrays a man whose life in his varied paths and routes reflects success and almost incredible achievements.

“His is a remarkable career which has impacted on a multitude of people and serves as an inspiration to all. It is a story of optimism and success based on dreams, hopes and aspirations – all creating a person of heroic stature.

“The work attempts to reveal the path of a luminary in business and the sport of boat racing.”

Mr Solo first competed in the Great Race in 1970, the second time the event was staged.

The Mr Solo team, which includes Charles, went on to win the Great Race 18 times. Charles, 76, is in the Guiness World Records. In August 2019, Charles was recognised as being the oldest professional race boat driver. At the time he was 75 years and 17 days old.

Narinesingh, who took one and a half years to complete the book, told Newsday recently, “It is important to document the careers of those who have achieved…because they are an inspiration to the younger generation.

“What stands out about Ken Charles is his modesty, his simplicity, his humility in spite of his incredible achievements.”

Narinesingh said in business Charles is a “team leader” and in sport, he has “supported the racing fraternity in its ups and downs.”

The book will also highlight the adversity Charles has had to encounter.

In August 1993, Charles’s two sons Sheldon and Curtis died while participating in Antigua’s South West Coast Powerboat tournament.

Charles was on board with his sons during the race. “Mr Solo’s 38ft boat encountered a swell in the ocean causing the boat to disintegrate as it leapt into the air,” Narinesingh wrote in the book.

Discussing the tragedy with Newsday, Narinesingh said, “That was the most complex part of my work – to render discreetly a delicate aspect of the family’s life…my strategy was to record in the book the father’s account of the tragedy.”

Charles’s life after losing two of his children was also mentioned.

“I decided to comment on it and write about the after tragedy, the course of his family life after the tragedy (and) the ability to endure adversity with courage and faith.”

Among the other sports books written by Narinesingh are Lara: The Untamed Spirit, Gavaskar: Portrait of a Hero and The Presence of Tendulkar.

Next month Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright – The Shiv Chanderpaul Story will be released.

Working on the Gavaskar book was a memorable time for Narinesingh. He said, “I had to go to India in 1994. I went to India and did research on him. It was exciting, it was a fascinating experience. He came to Trinidad for the launch at Cascadia (Hotel) in 1996.”

Narinesingh also went to Mumbai, India to launch the book.


"Clifford Narinesingh releases latest book: Mr Solo the Legendary Ken Charles"

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