PM: Trinidad and Tobago cannot fund another lockdown

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

The country cannot afford a second lockdown as there is no money to fund it.

The Prime Minister said this is why it is critically important for the public to follow public health regulations to prevent covid19 spread and keep the infection rate low.

Speaking at a Conversations with the Prime Minister programme, Dr Rowley said, "We have pretty much used up what little wiggle room we had to fund support in the way that it was funded last year.

"And if you think if we getting back into that situation means we will find the resources to fund it again, I'm putting this country on notice. The resources are not available."

He said even with the best efforts of the government, Trinidad and Tobago will not find money to give 50,000 and 60,000 people paycheques at the end of the month for three months.

"Remember what happened in May in April and March of last year? Somebody has to fund that (lockdown). Because if there is no money to pay for lockdown, because a lot of people will not be going to jobs, a lot of businesses won't be able to carry their staff and pay them for coming to work."


"PM: Trinidad and Tobago cannot fund another lockdown"

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