Devant: Kamla 'mamaguyed' UNC by calling for recount

Devant Maharaj -
Devant Maharaj -


UNC activist Devant Maharaj said the party's leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, has ‘mamaguyed’ members into thinking that a recount in certain seats in the August 10 general elections was a chance for the UNC to win.

Maharaj said many of the members were holding on to such illusion and failed to accept defeat. He said these games must stop.

“I am not a PNM and I have no intention of joining the PNM. I have challenged the PNM in and out of court for many years but I recognised that this was an electoral race where there will be one winner or one loser and we lost.”

The former minister said Persad-Bissessar, who has not been seen since the general election, has shown her deficiencies as a leader.

“When you listen to some of the members speak, they were holding on to hope that the recount could go our way and we could get government. This is false.”

Maharaj said Persad-Bissessar must come to terms that the party has lost the election.

“We lost and I feel the mature thing to do is to congratulate the winner and move on. She did not show that sense of maturity and, I think, in this last couple of weeks she has highlighted her leadership deficiencies by this ridiculous recount which has stalled the country.”

He added, “This strategy of also demonising the EBC as working for the PNM is disingenuous. When we won the local election the EBC was not under attack and how come now when we lost the general election, the EBC is a PNM. These games must stop.”

Maharaj said the focus now should be on dealing with covid19.

“We have a crisis here. We are at a war with an unseen virus that can kill all of us. It is time for us to put politics aside and work with the government."

On the weekend, attorney and UNC member Kelvin Ramkissoon called on Persad-Bissessar to step down as political leader.

In a WhatsApp conversation, Ramkissoon said, “I don’t even want to watch the news conference. In a proper democracy when a leader losing an election the proper thing is done.

“They don’t hold on. That’s the essence of the Westminster model. The leader knows that."

Ramkissoon was election agent for Ahloy Hunt who has demanded a recount for the St Joseph seat which he lost to incumbent, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh.

“The question is not who will take over. Leave that to those who constitute the entity and move on with dignity while you still have it.

“Better yet, show some magnanimity and vacate your own seat and give it to someone else. You will save yourself and save future generations.

“Further time will just erode trust and confidence and chisel away at the remaining goodwill which the party still has and cause people to gravitate towards the continuous winner.

“The maxim if you can’t win them, join them may pervade in the minds of person.”


"Devant: Kamla ‘mamaguyed’ UNC by calling for recount"

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