Penal man gunned down, son spared

Devanand Sugram
Devanand Sugram

A gunman shot and killed a vendor, Devanand Sugrim, 53, on Tuesday at his Penal produce stall, but spared Sugrim's son, who was with him.

Police said at about 5.30 pm on Tuesday, the driver of a silver Toyota Aqua stopped in front of the stall in front of the family’s home at Suchit Trace. Sugrim and his son, Wayne, 28, were selling there..

A man wearing a black jersey, long dark blue cargo pants, black fisherman’s hat and a black mask got out of the front passenger seat. Without warning, he walked towards Sugrim and fired several shots. Sugrim fell to the ground and the killer got back into the car, which drove off.

The traumatised son was not injured. but Sugrim died at the scene.

Police from the South Western Division and Homicide Bureau Region III among them Supt Ramphal, Insps Jaggernath, Taitt and Jones searched the area for evidence and the killer.

Cpl Bridgemohan and Boodlal together with PCs Bernard, Jagessar and Noel also assisted.

Police were baffled about the cause of the killing. No one has been arrested.

Hours after the killing, environmental activist and leader of the Highway Reroute Movement Dr Wayne Kublalsingh took to Facebook to send condolences to the family. He said Sugrim was a member of the movement.

“We shall treasure your great industry, cheerful ways, and capacity to make solid incomes from all your farming pursuits. Our condolences to your son, Wayne, and your devoted wife,” Kublalsingh said. An autopsy is scheduled at the Forensic Science Centre on Wednesday.


"Penal man gunned down, son spared"

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