Limited flights to bring home nationals on Sunday


Caribbean Airlines will be operating a small number of flights to bring home stranded nationals from the US, Canada and some Caribbean countries before this country shuts its international borders at midnight on Sunday.

National Security Minister Stuart Young announced the closure of the international borders to nationals on Saturday as a counter-measure to prevent the spread of the covid19 virus.

In a statement, the airline listed its schedule of flights for Sunday - BW 3484 departing Trinidad to Miami at 8.30 and returning at 3 pm; BW 3412 departing Trinidad at 1 pm and returning at 2.40 pm; BW 3462 departs Guyana at 11.10 am for Trinidad.

Corporate communications manager Dionne Ligore said two other flights were scheduled from JFK at 3 pm to Trinidad and another BW3600 will leave Trinidad at 7.45 am for Toronto, Canada and BW 3601 will fly non-stop to Piarco at 3.05 pm.

The airline will continue its domestic operations to and from Tobago.


"Limited flights to bring home nationals on Sunday"

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