Zoo officials complain about noisy Independence fireworks

File photo: Fireworks light up the sky over Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. PHOTO BY JEFF MAYERS
File photo: Fireworks light up the sky over Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. PHOTO BY JEFF MAYERS

OFFICIALS at the Emperor Valley Zoo has issued a complaint about the high noise levels from the annual Independence Day fireworks at the Queen's Park Savannah, the second noise issue the zoo has faced in a week.

In a Facebook post zoo officials said they were "again pleading with event organisers to be considerate of all animals with respect to noise levels.

"(Saturday night's) Independence fireworks celebrations was moved closer to the zoo’s location. Noise levels experienced at the zoo tonight was significantly louder than previous years. There was increased difficulty to keep all animals calm during the 30 minutes of continuous loud explosions despite extensive preparations and all staff present. Even after the fireworks ended, animal care takers are still trying to restore peace and comfort."

The Spectacular Pyromusical Fireworks (Independence Day fireworks) was hosted by Ansa McAl.

Last week Saturday zoo officials in a Facebook post to cricket legend Lara, the police, and the Environmental management Authority appealed for a reduction in the volume of the music at an event being held at Lara's Chancellor Hill residence. Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat stepped in personally and called one of Lara's relatives and then the music was lowered.

Lara, speaking at an open house Saturday, said the event in question was celebrating his niece's wedding and apologised for the incident. Also on Saturday zoo officials expressed thanks to Lara for "his kind considerations tonight.

"An event is currently being hosted at his residence and Mr Lara personally came across to the zoo at 9:35pm to hear the music volume. He believed the music to be too loud and returned to his residence to immediately lower the volume. Thank you, Mr Brian Lara, the animals and staff truly appreciate your kind gesture."


"Zoo officials complain about noisy Independence fireworks"

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