McDonald's murder branch remains closed

Murdered  ... Ashmeed Mohammed
Murdered ... Ashmeed Mohammed

THE Cipriani Boulevard branch of McDonald's will remain closed until further notice to facilitate police investigations into the murder on Sunday night of that branch's manager Ashmeed Mohammed. In a press release, Kalifa Duncan, McDonald's Operations Manager confirmed the branch would remain closed and added, " we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague Ashmeed.

"Our hearts are with his loved ones. Ashmeed was known for his outstanding level of service, enthusiasm and dedication; our team will miss him greatly. We are assisting authorities in their investigation, and they will relay any further information related to the case." Gunmen entered the restaurant on Sunday night in what police said was a "hit" and shot Mohammed dead in his office. The killers remain at large.


"McDonald’s murder branch remains closed"

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