Jewelle Moore-Williams grows hair business fast

Founder and director of Sky Luxury Studio Jewelle Moore-Williams. - Photo by Luigi Creese
Founder and director of Sky Luxury Studio Jewelle Moore-Williams. - Photo by Luigi Creese

FOR Jewelle Moore-Williams, hair is not just an accessory; it’s part of her identity and has played a significant role in her life since childhood.

The 31-year-old founder and managing director of Sky Luxury Studio, a local hair supply company, told WMN, “I grew up in hair. My mom’s a hair stylist for many many years. It’s basically all that I’ve seen and known.”

Last year this hair foundation paid off big time when Sky Luxury Studio became a sponsor of Miss TT Universe 2023. Moore-Williams said she visited the TT delegate, Faith Gillezeau to examine her hair texture and understand which hair type would best suit her. Gillezeau was provided with Vietnamese single-donor hair in clip-ins and wefted bundles. Single-donor hair is a weft of hair that is sourced completely from one person.

Jewelle Moore-Williams, left, with her mother Sharon Moore.
Photo courtesy Jewelle Moore-Williams

Moore-Williams recalled being in her mom’s hair salon as a child, intrigued by what was taking place as, from a young age, she was able to assist her mom and was even her “guinea pig” at times.

“When I look back at all the photos of myself when I was younger, you would see me with big barrel curls because I was like her personal mannequin.”

She considers her love for hair and beauty as part of her personal brand, as it was what inspired her to start her own business in 2022.

She said, “If you know me, you know me for clothes or you know me for hair.”

When she started her brand, one of her goals was to provide customers with a high-quality product that was easy to manage and had longevity. This was based on her experience with wearing extensions – from “$60 pack hair” to “virgin bundles” – which both have shorter a life span than the single-donor hair.

“I wanted something that would last me long. Something that would look good, feel good and wouldn’t be too high maintenance.”

Founder and director of Sky Luxury Studio Jewelle Moore-Williams. - Photo by Luigi Creese

Sky Luxury Studio specialises in single-donor hair which comes in raw Vietnamese and raw Cambodian and can be coloured “all the way to platinum” blond.

She is currently looking into adding South-East Asian and Eurasian hair to her brand’s catalogue.

The name of her business, she said, was inspired by her sister, Cherish Sky Moore, a person she “loves and adores” very much. The decision to carry specific hair types and products is made through extensive research and testing. Although the company was launched in December 2022, her research began in July 2022 and continues to this day.

She said she makes sure to test not only the hair but the hair products on the different hair textures she carries.

“I went to various vendors. I spent the time placing it in my hair, going to different hair stylists for them to install it, just to make sure that what I experience, my clients (also) experience.”

She believes this process is part of the high standard of customer experience she provides.

“What I uphold a lot is client experience. I’m not here just to provide you with a product, I’m here to provide you with knowledge.”

She goes as far as individually re-gluing the hair to the adhesive strips for the tape-ins she stocks. She also provides consultations on the type of hair a client should buy before taking an order.

Moore-Williams believes customer service plays a major role in the growth of her business, which when less than a year old at the time, had the opportunity to work with the Miss TT Universe brand. She considers that opportunity a signifier that starting her business was a step in the right direction.

Founder and director of Sky Luxury Studio Jewelle Moore-Williams says she tests the hair products on the different hair textures she carries. - Photo by Luigi Creese

“That was a great moment because it showed me that the right choice was made when it came to creating the brand.”

Now just over one year old, Sky Luxury has a steady flow of local, regional and international clients and was able to amass over 7,000 followers on Instagram. Speaking about these achievements, Moore-Williams said it’s the result of strategic marketing.

Being a marketing co-ordinator in her corporate career, she believes people underestimate and “under-appreciate” the power of marketing. She focused on gaining referrals and building a tribe around her brand saying that the tribe members that surround your brand become your “brand advocates.”

She said because the brand is reflective of her, she frequently uses her image in marketing initiatives.

“I am my brand. I am the billboard,” she said with a laugh.

But in as much as she enjoys working for herself while managing a demanding corporate career, it has not been the easiest process.

“It takes a mental and emotional toll sometimes, always having to upkeep a high standard when it comes to client experience is draining at times.”

Of her typical day-to-day corporate and brand duties routine, she said, “When I come home I’ll defrost, do a lil tiktoking – as in watching TikTok – and at 7 pm I would start working (on the brand).”

Maintaining a work-life balance is important to her, and one of the ways in which she does this is by carving out time to spend with her husband – time together that gives her a sense of sanity.

When asked about how they spend time together she exclaimed with a playful laugh, “Food!”

“He makes the best dinners. We will sit down and we will talk or watch a show and just that one hour…brings me my sanity.”

She said with anything you do there will be low points but added that perseverance is key.

“You have to know your goals, what your missions are and what your vision is. Keep on pushing. That’s what business is and that’s what life is.”

Regarding her future and the future of her brand, without giving too much information, she said she wants to continue using her creativity and her hands. She added that she named her brand Sky Luxury Studio for a reason, and that there is room to expand beyond hair.

“I have big plans for myself. If it’s one thing about me, I always want to do more for myself; I always want to get better and do better in the things I love to do.”


"Jewelle Moore-Williams grows hair business fast"

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