[UPDATED] Hunt on for suspect in KFC Gasparillo murder

KFC workers report for duty at the Gasparillo branch hours after a customer was shot dead on February 16 on the compound. - Photo by Ayanna Kinsale
KFC workers report for duty at the Gasparillo branch hours after a customer was shot dead on February 16 on the compound. - Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

A family outing to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) meal turned deadly for a Marabella man, as he was gunned down by another customer whom he stabbed moments before, at the Gasparillo fast-food outlet on Friday night.

Customers, including a child, and staff ducked and ran, as three shots were fired, two at Luka Lorenzo Goring, 31, of Gopaul Lands, Marabella.

Police are searching for the suspect, who has been described as “armed and dangerous.” The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras and shared on social media. Other people shared cellphone footage of the incident.

After the shooting, the suspect walked out and left before police arrived.

The suspect is believed to have been injured from stab wounds inflicted by Goring during a fight. Police said he has not checked into any medical institution seeking treatment. Medical practitioners and institutions have been put on alert to notify police if the suspect seeks help.

Police said they believe the suspect may also have information about a murder committed in the St Margaret’s district.

When Newsday visited the restaurant on Saturday, it was open for business. Several customers said they were unaware of the incident and others shrugged it off as “nothing.”

A KFC supervisor said: “It is really sad, a sad reflection of the times we are living in. KFC has nothing to do with that (killing).”

“The world is like that. Anywhere you go there is violence and crime. We are living in the last days. The only person to protect us is God. We just have to pray to God and do the right thing and he will protect us.”

The supervisor, who did not give his name, said officials from Prestige Holdings Ltd, the restaurant's parent company, were scheduled to visit and talk with the night staff who witnessed the killing.

He was not certain if the witnesses would be provided counselling or given time off.

Businesswoman Drupatee Jaikaran, who operates Golden Girls Hair Saloon just across from KFC, said she has lived in the area for over 30 years and said the area was a quiet, peaceful community.

“People from outside are coming here, committing crime and giving the place a bad reputation.”

Another businessman, who did not want to be identified, said while police detection and crime-solving rates were poor, there were too many illegal guns on the streets.

“Friday’s incident at KFC could not be stopped. People are too hot-headed. It seems that those two fellas had a grudge against each other from before. It does not seem as though it started in there, but it sure ended in there, at least for one man.”

The CCTV footage showed Goring and the suspect in an argument which quickly escalated into a scuffle. A security guard who tried to intervene was pushed away.

The incident occurred shortly after 7 pm, as the suspect was seen walking up to Goring, who was accompanied by a woman and child, in line at the counter waiting to make his purchase.

Armed with the knife, Goring attacks the suspect stabbing him several times. The man takes out a gun from under his jacket and shoots Goring who ran for cover but was shot again at close range before collapsing motionless.

Police officers Mitchell, Lake and WPC Boodram-Ramdass of the Southern Division Task Force who were on mobile patrol, responded. DMO Dr M Santlal also visited the scene, declared the victim dead and ordered his body to be removed for a post-mortem examination at the Forensic Science Centre.

Three projectiles were recovered from the scene by PC’s Jaisrie and Ramnarine who processed the scene.

DCP Curt Simon, along with Snr Supt Soodeen and homicide officers from Region IIL, also visited the scene.

Anyone with information is being asked to call the police at 999, 555, 800-tips or any police station.

This story was originally published with the title "Man shot dead during fight at KFC Gasparillo branch" and has been adjusted to include additional details. See original post below.

A violent confrontation between two men in the presence of customers and staff at the KFC Gasparillo branch on February 16 night left one man dead and another injured.

The incident was recorded by bystanders on cellphones and CCTV footage in the restaurant and shared widely on social media.

The dead man has been identified as Luka Gorin, 32, of Old Train Line, Marabella.

Video footage shows Gorin, who is accompanied by a woman and the child, in line to make a purchase shortly after 7.30 pm. Gorin is approached by a man, who is wearing a hat and clad in a denim jacket, and they appear to be arguing. The video has no sound.

A KFC worker intervenes and tries to separate the men but the worker is pushed aside by Gorin.

Gorin follows the man and they begin to fight in the restaurant. He appears to have stabbed the man several times with an object before the other man takes out a gun from under his jacket and fires a shot.

Gorin, who appeared to be injured, runs for cover but is shot again at close range and falls to the ground motionless. The video shows KFC employees trying to assist Gorin.


"[UPDATED] Hunt on for suspect in KFC Gasparillo murder"

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