Mical Teja on Road March win: 'Follow your passion'

Mical "Mical Teja" Williams won the 2024 Road March title with his hit DNA. -

The structure of the road was Mical “Mical Teja” Williams’ DNA.

The singer/songwriter took the Road March title and a cash prize of $250,000.

The song was played 341 times over Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez’ Carnival Contract, which played 225 times, and Patrice Roberts’ Anxiety, which played 48 times.

Second and third places receive no prizes.

The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) made the announcement during a press conference on Wednesday at the VIP Lounge, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

The Road March is the song played the most times at the seven official TUCO judging points along the parade route on Carnival Monday and Tuesday ­– Port of Spain (Queen's Park Savannah, Piccadilly Greens, South Quay), Arima, San Fernando, Tobago (Scarborough and Roxborough).

When Newsday contacted Teja, he said he was beyond speechless.

"These wins aren't about me, these wins are for every young person in Trinidad and Tobago with a passion.

"Please, please, please follow your passion and do it with love."

He added that he is beyond grateful for the support from everyone.

"The music isn't mine any more. It is ours.

"Love allyuh, appreciate allyuh, and I will cherish this moment for a lifetime. #noplacelikehome."

Michael “Tano” Montano, DNA’s co-writer, said in a phone interview on Wednesday he felt honoured to win a Road March. He is also the song’s co-producer with Teja.

“That is definitely a bucket list title to win.

“I think, for me, what makes it more special is to win it with somebody like Teja, who I started in the industry with about a decade ago.

“He would have, actually, been somebody who taught me about production and we started around the same time. I think it makes it special to win it with somebody I am close friends with,” he said.

“It is truly an amazing feeling.”

Tano added that the song winning Road March at a slower bpm (beats per minute) was also something special. DNA has a bpm of 128.

Last year’s winner, Hard Fete by Bunji, was 160 bpm, and 2020’s Stage Gone Bad by Iwer George and Kes was also 160 bpm.

Although he was unsure, Tano said he believes that road marches of the past were a higher bpm.

“I could be wrong but I can’t remember the last time a song of this bpm has won. I have to do my research and check that but I don’t think it was for a while.

“So I think it shows that a good song is a good song.”

He said in the past, songs sung by artistes like David Rudder and the late Aldwyn “Kitchener” Roberts were a slower bpm and won road marches.

“It has not been something like this for a while. So it is really amazing to see something like this win the road march.”

For Tano, to celebrate is to simply live in the moment.

“I am super grateful to be able to do this as a career. I might probably get some food with friends and family. I actually have work to do today as well. More music because the work does not stop.

“But I think it is important to really take the time to look back. Sometimes you get so caught up in the work itself and just trying to move forward and you forget to look back and say, ‘Hey, we did this and we made it happen.’”

Tano thanked all of TT for embracing the song and making it what it is.

“It is one of my proudest moments as a producer, this feeling 100 per cent.”

Patrice Roberts’ publicist Adanna Asson congratulated Teja.

“He is such an amazing and talented young man who has also contributed to Patrice’s success as a writer,” she said.

Roberts said she appreciated the reception Anxiety has been receiving and happy that it was suitable for some bands during their display at the judging points.

Bunji took to his Instagram account to thank his fans, saying, “It has been a fabulous season and magical journey with this song and seeing what it has grown into, thank you to everyone that loved Carnival Contract."

He also congratulated Teja, adding, "Blessings as you continue your journey through soca."


"Mical Teja on Road March win: ‘Follow your passion’"

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