Tobago accident victims to get military send-off

Christian Adams and his wife, Teresa Alleyne-Adams  -
Christian Adams and his wife, Teresa Alleyne-Adams -

TOBAGO accident victims Christian and Teresa Alleyne-Adams will be given a military send-off on Thursday at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex.

The funeral will be held under full military rites with the viewing of the bodies from 9 am, followed by tributes from 10-10.50 am. The service begins at 11 am.

Officials will then escort the bodies through Scarborough for a guard of honour at the Scarborough Fire Station before heading to the Mt St George Methodist cemetery for burial.

Owing to the grief caused by the couple’s sudden death, members of the media are asked to respect the wishes of the bereaved. There are to be no pictures or footage of the open caskets for personal use or use by media houses. There are also to be no interviews with the children and parents of the deceased.

Members of the media will be assigned to a stipulated seating area in the complex and access to the platform and stage area during the service is prohibited.

The funeral will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and other online platforms.


"Tobago accident victims to get military send-off"

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