Digicel moves call centre to Jamaica: 126 laid off

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Digicel has retrenched some 126 workers after a decision to move its Trinidad consumer contact centre to a consolidated regional hub in Jamaica.

While saying this move was in keeping with the company's long-term strategy to improve operational efficiency, Digicel said it has engaged several third-party customer contact-centre operators to try and help the retrenched workers get new jobs.

The company made the announcement in a press release which also announced that its regional corporate contact centre will be consolidated as well, into a centre of excellence based in Trinidad and Tobago.

The company said the retrenched workers will be treated fairly and with respect. They will be supported through their transition with expanded EAP services and special transition workshops on resume writing, interview skills and financial management, among other initiatives.

Digicel CEO Abraham Smith said: “As a company, we are forever grateful for the contributions of our contact centre agents and recognise their commitment to providing excellent service as our customers’ first point of contact.

"It is no secret the call centre has been the heartbeat of our customer operations for 17 years, with many people throughout the business starting their journey there. It has been a great source of energy and vibrancy for the company and we will work toward keeping that spirit alive in all that we do."

The decision was not taken lightly, he said, but: "We firmly believe this move will benefit our customers and the company in the long-run, as this consolidation will streamline our operations and reduce cost, which will ultimately help us to continue to be a competitive and sustainable business.”


"Digicel moves call centre to Jamaica: 126 laid off"

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