BYisrael: Relief soon for residents affected by landslides

Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection Dr Faith BYisrael
Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection Dr Faith BYisrael

THE THA Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection has acknowledged a delay in providing relief for residents of the Belle Garden/Glamorgan district who were seriously affected by last October’s heavy rain and landslides.

The division’s line secretary and representative for the area, Dr Faith BYisrael, addressed the issue on Tuesday night during the fifth of the THA’s district town hall meetings, at the Pembroke Community Centre.

BYisrael, who is also the Deputy Chief Secretary, told the audience, “There are many of you who have actually been displaced, or we have had to actually move you from where you are living because it was simply not safe.

"That process is an ongoing process as it relates to providing the kind of support that we need to give to those of you who, for example, may need a wall built or who may need a part of your home reconstructed because of the rains and landslides.

“One of the things we just started – because we realise that some of these processes are taking just too long – is that we have actually collated that information, at least from last year, and the social workers within the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection are currently working through who those individuals are to see whether we can fast-track the kind of support that’s needed to get some of you back into your homes, where you would be safe.”

She told Chief Secretary and Secretary of Finance and the Economy Farley Augustine, who was also at the head table, that the list would be presented to him to ensure things are “put in place a little faster than we are going right now.”

BYisrael also took a tough stand on people who have been using the Belle Garden field as a sheep pen.

“It is a longstanding issue that we have to battle these individuals who are rearing their animals on the field.”

So dire was the situation, she said, the THA was forced to place a sign at the field in an attempt to prevent animals' being tethered there.

“I am saying it here because I am hoping that the individuals are listening and they would prevent us from having to follow all of the steps. That is just one of the steps towards us getting to the point where we will impound the animals.”BYisrael added, “I am saying it here boldly and loudly so that maybe we can get to the point where that is not the final step that we, as a THA, will have to take to ensure that sport happens on the field as it should.”

At present, she said, the Belle Garden Anglican School and pre-school cannot take part in any sporting activities owing to the situation.

BYisrael said the sports club that was using that field also moved out “because it was unfair to have our children running up and down and having to hop, skip and jump over sheep mess.”


"BYisrael: Relief soon for residents affected by landslides"

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