Mc Kie twins' 60th birthday wish: Love and harmony for Trinidad and Tobago

Indy and Andy Mc Kie, the first children to be born in 1962 when TT became independent.
Indy and Andy Mc Kie, the first children to be born in 1962 when TT became independent.

Indy and Andy Mc Kie, the first children to be born when TT became independent, want only the best for their country.

The twins were born on August 31, 1962 with the firstborn, Indy (a reference to Independence Day), arriving at 12.05 am as the Union Jack was coming down and the country’s new flag was being hoisted for the first time. Andy was born five minutes later.

Andy told Newsday times in TT are tough and it is difficult for him to see all the hatred and animosity among the country’s people. There is not enough love, he said.

Andy and Indy McKie enjoying a night out at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

“For the country’s 60th anniversary I just want people to show love to our brothers and sisters, that we all live in harmony. I wish everyone God’s blessings and that the country could move on to a better tomorrow and see a bright future ahead.”

Indy, who lives in Canada, said he has a lot of love for his beautiful country, but is concerned about crime.

“I’m just hoping and praying that the government can do something about the high rate of crime, and not just the murders. The country needs more love and caring. They need to pray more, put their trust in God and be more considerate to one another.”

He added that it is important that the government find ways to create jobs for the youth, because if they are idle, they would turn to crime. He also believes the government should make jobs available for qualified people so they would be less likely to emigrate.

He recalled being frustrated after a job strike left him unemployed and leaving TT for Canada

“At the time I came to Canada, it was booming. You were walking in the street and people were asking if you wanted a job.

"I want that for Trinidad. That even if you don’t have a skill, that young people can get something to do and make some money.”

Indy left Trinidad at 24 and has lived in Scarborough, Ontario for 33 years. He now works at a corrugated plant as a machine mechanic. He has one daughter, a three-month old granddaughter, and remarried last year.

Leslie and Joan Mc Kie, the parents of Indy and Andy who were born 60 years ago on Independence Day.

Andy lives in Arima, has three children and three grandchildren, and has been married for 23 years. He is a bus driver with the Public Transport Service Corporation and is retiring this week.

He is not certain what he is going to do when he retires but intends to relax for a while and possibly visit his twin in Canada, with whom he has maintained a close relationship.

“We grew up in Laventille in very humble beginnings. Our parents were strict and the family was church-going. God rest their souls, they passed on last year, I have to say thanks to them for giving us the morals and values they instilled and that we were able to instil in our children.

“I have to say thank God for life, health and strength because many of us haven’t made it at this age through the pandemic. I thank God that both my brother and I have the opportunity to see this milestone of 60 years, and pray that we see many more.”

He said their parents, Leslie and Joan Mc Kie, told them their history and that their godfathers were TT’s first Prime Minister Eric Williams, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient and former UN under-secretary-general Dr Ralph Bunche. To their knowledge, Williams and Bunche met their mother when they visited the twins at the Port of Spain General Hospital when they were born. However, they never met the men.

Andy said, “Plenty people have told us we supposed to have it nice as Independence children, that the government of the day supposed to big us up.

Some of the members of the McKie family came together to celebrate the twins’ birthday a few years ago. (L-R) Andy, Joan, Leslie, Marcia, and Indy McKie.

"But I never pay that any mind. I just thank God that we were born on such an auspicious occasion and we get to enjoy the day with our families.”

He said it is “nice” knowing they were born on Independence Day, but they got used to it a long time ago and it is like any other holiday. He usually celebrates by watching the parade and the fireworks, and, if Indy is not in the country, he might have a small celebration at home.

Since Indy lives in Canada, his birthday is a “normal day,” but he usually has a party to celebrate. This year, the celebration will be twice as nice, as September 4 will be his first wedding anniversary, and he intends to celebrate both with family and friends.

“Since this year my birthday is falling on a Wednesday, I can’t do anything because I’m working. So we put it off till the 4th to combine with the anniversary one time. Therefore, two cakes! The only thing is, the other half (Andy) missing.”

He said he was supposed to come to TT for his birthday this year, but has already come to TT earlier in the year to take care of some business and could not get more time off.

“But I told Andy whenever he’s ready he could come up for a trip and we could have a little toast here. It’s never too late. Once God spares life, there is hope.”

Andy Mc Kie .File photo/Sureash Cholai

Indy plans to be in TT for their birthday next year “no matter what,” because he is looking forward to seeing his twin soon. He also hopes to move back to TT in a few years, “because the winter in Canada is getting biting now.”

The twins have four younger siblings, Rickie, Garfield, Marcia, and Junior. Marcia, the only girl, was born on Republic Day – September 24 – and Junior, the youngest, was born on December 25 – Christmas Day.


"Mc Kie twins’ 60th birthday wish: Love and harmony for Trinidad and Tobago"

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