Siblings withdraw puja injunction for dead mom

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MEMBERS of a Penal family who took one of their sisters to court for not allowing them to perform Hindu prayers for their deceased mother, have withdrawn their lawsuit.

It was disclosed before Justice Frank Seepersad on Wednesday in the San Fernando High Court by the sister, Meera Mahabirsingh, that their mother, Lutchmin Heeralal, left a will appointing her as sole executrix.

Heeralal, 82, was severely burnt in her house at Eccles Trace, Grants Road, Rousillac on January 13. She died at San Fernando General Hospital. A gas tank had exploded in her one-bedroom house.

Chamilee Seeth, Sieunarine Heeralal, Baliram Heeralal, Baboolal Heeralal, Kalawatie Arjoon, Tooshnee Balkaran and Rajdaye Deonarine, filed the lawsuit against Mahabirsingh. They contended that they were prevented from doing a special puja for their deceased mother.

When the brothers and sisters filed the injunction two weeks ago, Seepersad ordered the court documents be served on Mahabirsingh.

At the hearing of the matter on Wednesday, attorney Jeevan Rampersad, instructed by attorney Stephen Boodram, told the judge that he was withdrawing the injunction on behalf of the brothers and sisters.

Attorney Chanka Persadsingh, representing Mahabirsingh, referred the judge to an affidavit filed on her behalf in which she deposed that according to her mother's will, the property goes to her. Mahabirsingh went on to say in her affidavit that she has no objection to her brothers and sisters performing the puja, once the house is used for that purpose only. She added, however, that while the prayers can be done in the house, it can also be done at any other location.

Seepersad said, "It is unacceptable that the defendant did not previously disclose the will and had she done so, it is unlikely that the instant claim would have been filed. Further, common courtesy to siblings and respect for the deceased, mandated that the fact that she left a will, should have been revealed as soon as she died."


"Siblings withdraw puja injunction for dead mom"

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