Gretchen takes charge

WOMAN LEADS: Gretchen 
Camacho-Mohammed, the new Managing 
Director of RBC Royal Bank (TT) at the Hyatt 
Regency in Port of Spain yesterday.
WOMAN LEADS: Gretchen Camacho-Mohammed, the new Managing Director of RBC Royal Bank (TT) at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain yesterday.

RBC Royal Bank’s new managing director Gretchen Camacho-Mohammed, appointed on June 29, wants her legacy to include having won back those clients who left amidst the series of changes in recent times.

“Yes, we’re moving towards having RBC be the premier relationship bank, underpinned, absolutely, by our mobile and our technology but...we’ve lost some clients.

“We can be honest, we’ve lost some clients — we’ve been going through a lot of change — but I want clients to (one day) say, ‘You know what? We’re coming back to you.’

(The) legacy I want, (is for them) to say, ‘RBC cares about me, about my business and they want me back in the fold.’

“We have a new leadership model (that) we’re using to drive the engagement of our employees, which is so critical to the clients being happy, to know that we care, to build those relationships and continue to build those relationships, because we can’t do it without you. We cannot.”

Camacho-Mohammed said she would like when she moves on is “for people to say we did make a difference, Gretchen did make certain changes to really, really, really show that we care.

“Not that we don’t care now, but really, bring it back and have some of our clients who left us, bring them back, and show what is RBC all about.”

Camacho-Mohammed was speaking on Thursday evening at RBC’s Leadership Introduction Event, Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain, where a few dozen of the banks’ customers were formally introduced to the MD and five other recently appointed RBC regional executives.

Camacho-Mohammed’s predecessor, Darryl White, was appointed CEO of RBC Financial (Caribbean) Ltd with effect from July 1.

The new MD has overall responsibility for sales performance and teams across TT and for RBC’s client advice centres Caribbean-wide.

White’s new role includes the post of regional vice president, responsible for corporate and investment banking.

Other changes were also in RBC’s regional team this past July: Chris Ronald, regional vice president for high net worth clients and the newest member of the executive team; Roger Cogle, regional vice president for retail operations; Glenn Dormody, regional vice president, specialised sales force; and Scott Estabrooks, regional vice president, private banking.

Rob Johnston, head of Caribbean Banking, RBC, told those gathered, “This new team, along with our commitment to be the number one digitally-enabled relationship bank, positions us for success in a rapidly changing and ever-evolving world.”


"Gretchen takes charge"

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