Chu Foon arton show for 1 day

A one-day exhibition of now rare and precious paintings by artist Lisa Henry Chu Foon takes place on Saturday at the 101 Art Gallery, 84 Woodford Street, Newtown.

Chu Foon who was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1947, died in 1997 of cancer. She was born into a family traditionally involved in the arts. Her grandfather was a film director, her father an opera singer and an uncle was a painter.

In 1965 Chu Foon attended the National College of Art and Design in Stockholm, leaving in 1967 to attend St Martin’s College in London, where she studied until 1968.

Moving to Trinidad in 1971, she exhibited in several joint and one-man exhibitions, participating yearly in the Trinidad Art Society November exhibition and serving on the Art Society executive committee for four years.

She was married to fine artist and sculptor Pat Chu Foon who died by drowning a year after Henry’s death.

Chu Foon’s works are among the very high-rated art in TT and are much sought after, the gallery said.


"Chu Foon arton show for 1 day"

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