Serial rapist nabbed in Maxi Taxi

A 47-year-old Chase Village man who was released from prison in February this year after serving 13 years for rape and robbery, was nabbed in a Maxi Taxi last Thursday after he attempted to rob and abduct a 21-year-old woman.

The man, who was wanted for three rapes in the Central division was quickly taken into custody and was expected to be placed on identification parades yesterday.

According to reports, around 11.30 am last Thursday, a 21-year-old woman who was in a red band Maxi Taxi heading East near Cane Farm Tacarigua was accosted by the suspect who posed as a passenger.

The man robbed the woman of cash and pointed what appeared to be a gun, telling her if she raised an alarm she would shoot her.  The woman said the man assaulted her.

As the maxi stopped at Cane Farm junction to drop off the passenger the woman jumped out the car and alerted police who were on a stop and search exercise in the area. The man who had a knife in his possession was taken into custody.

While at the Arouca Police Station, officers of the Central Division informed their colleagues that their suspect matched the description of a suspect wanted for three rapes in the Central Division.


"Serial rapist nabbed in Maxi Taxi"

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