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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Improving adult care in T&T


Vydia Persad of PV’s Adult Care Suppliers Limited, is determined to change the culture and negative stigma that comes with caring for the elderly in Trinidad & Tobago. Persad, a retailer of adult diapers and adult briefs, has partnered with Belgian suppliers of adult and baby diapers, Nateen, to make high quality adult diapers available to TT citizens.

Speaking with Newsday earlier today, Persad said it is her hope that people become more understanding of caring for the elderly who suffer with urinary incontinence, and need to wear adult diapers. She said, “Different health issues can cause incontinence. Incontinence in this country is heavily on the rise and it can be caused by different lifestyle habits, diabetes, kidney failure or just natural old age.” She added that the wearing of adult diapers is treated with a negative term in Trinidad and Tobago.

“The proper term for it is disposable brief. Either that or adult diaper or adult brief,” she said. Persad also said that calling them ‘pampers’ only adds to the demeaning stigma that is attached to wearing adult diapers. She said people who wear adult diapers do not feel comfortable wearing them because people call them pampers. She added that people are afraid to publicly seek out adult diapers so they discreetly buy them if they need them. However, from her work with geriatric patients, Persad said people are a “little more open” when dealing with adult diapers in geriatric homes. “They are resistant towards the diaper and they are not comfortable, because in their minds they are wearing a pamper,” she said, concerning some of the people she’s worked with.

Representative from Nateen, Gustavo Massagli said adults don’t want to feel like their wearing pampers. He added that incontinence and the wearing of adult diapers are simply consequences of life and that anyone can eventually have the need to wear adult diapers. Persad said even bladder problems can cause any adult to need adult diapers. She also said that some post-surgery patients need to wear adult diapers.

Gustavo also said that the rise of incontinence globally was caused by the global population “getting older” and many lifestyle issues. He stressed that now, more than ever, physical comfort is important in an adult diaper. He added that Nateen, a combination of the words ‘natural’ and ‘green,’ is creating “more breathable” diapers which will go a long way in improving incontinence care in T&T. “There are diapers that you have to change 8 to 12 times a day because they invoke heat and don’t absorb. Nateen diapers absorbs up to 5.8 litres of liquid,” he said. He also said that Nateen diapers has a super absorbent polymer that absorbs liquid and keeps the top layer dry so that there is no discomfort for the wearer. According to Gustavo, Nateen diapers only need to be changed every 12 hours.

Persad said the goal is to keep the person dry. Gustavo added that the materials used in Nateen diapers are 80% biodegradable and help avoid rashes and skin problems that one can receive from regular plastic diapers. He said the company’s goal is to have their products made from 100% biodegradable material.

Though the industry is sensitive, Persad believes that it is not handled with the extra care that is required and nurses who deal with patients who wear adult diapers “do it as a job” and not always with the special care that is needed. Gustavo said he’s hoping to change things in the adult care industry in this country and to let people know that wearing adult diapers is “part of life” and not something they should feel constricted in or embarrassed about. He added that it is important that wearers of adult diapers go about life as normal and have the opportunity to improve their lives.

Gustavo said a study done in Trinidad and Tobago has shown that there is no brand with “high quality” adult diapers and all the options are of “low quality.” He added that Nateen, a company that operates in Belgium, Australia and the United Sates, is providing a “way better product that’s cheaper” and is bringing the European standard of adult care and diapers to T&T. Persad, who operates out of her home in South, Trinidad, says there are plans to expand retailing adult diapers in Tobago.

To access the services of PV’s Adult Care, our readers can call 328-7877 for delivery.


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