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Sunday 21 April 2019
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El Dorado man critical after shooting

By Nalinee Seelal and Ryan Hamilton-Davis

A 34-year-old man of Lackpat Road, El Dorado remained at the intensive care unit at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) after being shot multiple times, and severely beaten by two gun-toting men.

The actual assault and attempted murder was captured on video which was posted on social media, which went viral early this morning.

Police investigators from the Northern Division were trying to identify the two suspects in the video and to also ascertain who was the person who posted the video so that the person could be interviewed. Officers of the Police Cyber-Crime unit were also asked to assist in this latest investigation.

According to reports at around 9.15 pm on Thursday Akino Thomas was at Pentecostal Road, El Dorado, when he approached by two men with guns. Thomas was shot several times about the body by the gunmen who then fled the scene.

Police sources revealed that they were alerted to the attack on Thomas by residents who called officers to alert them that several gunshots were heard in the area.

Officers of the Tuapuna Police Station responded and found an unconscious Thomas lying in a drain, suffering from severe injuries to his head and face as well as gunshot wounds.

Thomas was identified by an identification card in his wallet. He was taken to hospital and remained in critical condition today, unable to speak so that his attackers could be identified.

Police said yesterday that they are hoping for a full recovery of Thomas to assist them in finding the perpetrators. Today Assistant Commissioner of Police Irwin Hackshaw told Newsday:

“We are looking into the video and working closely with the Cyber Crime and other units that could help with resolving this crime. We are asking the public to assist in identifying the people captured in the video so that they could be flushed out of their hiding places and brought to justice.

The video which went viral yesterday started with Thomas trying to run away from his assailants, but falling in a drain.

A man, clad in a white vest and a pair of three-quarter jeans approached him with a gun in his hand and fired a shot. But before he could finish Taylor off, his gun jammed. The gunman beckoned to another man who walked up to Thomas and started kicking him in his head while he was still in the drain.

The gunman looked on as the other attacker kicked and stamped Thomas in the head and chest. In the distance, lights from a vehicle could be seen approaching, but the gunman aimed his gun at the car, which stopped a distance away.

After the man was dealt several kicks and stamps, the two attackers fled the scene.

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