Labour Ministry appoints new Minimum Wages Board

Labour Minister Stephen Mc Clashie -
Labour Minister Stephen Mc Clashie -

Labour Minister Stephen Mc Clashie appointed a new Minimum Wages Board during a ceremony on Monday at the ministry at the International Waterfront Centre in Port of Spain.

At the ceremony, Mc Clashie welcomed new and returning members.

He said the last Minimum Wages Board gave recommendations which were instrumental in the proclamation of the new Minimum Wages Order from January 2024.

“This 17 per cent increase is most welcome and seeks to be fair and balanced, given the variety of considerations, financial and otherwise that had to be taken into account. This increase would impact an estimated 190,000 workers and their families, thereby affording them a better standard of living.” Mc Clashie said.

The previous board also consulted on the Domestic Workers' Order, the impact of covid19 on minimum wage earners, the Wages Regulation/Agricultural Undertakings Order and the Security Industry Employees Order.

The board members are:

Chair: Judith Sobion

Members: Bryan Rooplal, Ozzi Warwick, Knafesa George-Paul, Sanika Tyson, Juliana Henry-King, Douglas Williams and technical secretary Cadell Pierre.


"Labour Ministry appoints new Minimum Wages Board"

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