40 make cut for Calypso Monarch semis

THE Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCU) has released its list of 40 calypsonians who have made it to the semi-finals of the TUCO National Calypso Monarch competition.

The semis will be held next Saturday from 1 pm at the new Skinner Park in San Fernando.

The 40 are, in alphabetical order:

Aaron Duncan, Addelon "Banjela" Braveboy, Arnold "Jaw D" Jordan, Bethany Lightbourne, Carlos "Skatie" James, Caston Cupid, Curlissa Charles Mapp, Dexter "The Stinger" Parsons, Donald Duane O'Connor, Duane Tazyah O'Connor;

Eunice Peters, Ezekiel Yorke, radio talkshow host Garth St Clair, Heaven "Snakey" Charles, Helon Francis, Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool, Jannelle "Jay Soul" Winchester-Moore, Karene Asche, Kerine Williams "Tiny" Figaro, Kevin Dodds;

Kurt "The Last Bard John of Calypso" Allen, Lester "John Oh Cool" Salandy, Maria Bhola, Mark Eastman, Mical "Mical Teja" Williams, Michael "Sugar Aloes" Osouna, Myron "Calypso Nite" Bruce, Nicholas Lucas, Nicole Thomas, Olatunji Yearwood;

Phillip "Black Sage" Murray, Rivaldo London, Roderick "Chucky" Gordon, Romel Lezama, Sasha-Ann Moses, Sean "De Psalmist" Daniel, Stephen Marcelle, Tameika Darius, Victoria "Queen Victoria" Cooper Rahim and Vivian "Young Poser" Lockhart. The reserve is Alana "Lady Watchman" Sinnette-Khan.


"40 make cut for Calypso Monarch semis"

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