Digicel tops Ookla broadband-speeds ranking

TT’s aggregated speeds and their international rankings according to Ookla’s tests. -
TT’s aggregated speeds and their international rankings according to Ookla’s tests. -

Digicel topped the Ookla Speedtest rankings for the fourth quarter of 2022 for broadband speeds, with the telecommunications company taking the top spot for both mobile and fixed-line download speeds.

Ookla publishes median results for the speeds it monitors, which means that half of connections will receive better speeds and half will get less.

For fixed broadband, Digicel+ achieved speeds of 93.43 megabits per second (Mbps) followed closely by Flow with speeds of 90.57 Mbps. Amplia clocked a respectable 85.32 while Blink trailed with 9.16.

This jockeying for the top spot between Flow and Digicel in fixed-line delivery speeds was flipped in the fourth -quarter report in Jamaica, where Flow led with 48.8 Mbps followed by Digicel+ with 46.43 Mbps.

Digicel also dominated download speeds in mobile broadband, delivering 34.58 Mbps to bmobile's 23.01.

Network latency was also measured, testing the time it takes for a signal to travel the network and trigger a response.

Among fixed networks, Digicel+ registered a latency of seven milliseconds (ms) followed by Amplia with 10 ms and Flow, with 18 ms. Blink delivered 40 ms.

For mobile network latency, bmobile edged Digicel's 37 ms with a showing of 32 ms.

The three top networks in Trinidad and Tobago also registered above 80 per cent in Ookla's consistency measurement, which assesses a network's ability to deliver a 25 Mbps minimum download speed and 3 Mbps download speed.

Digicel+ offered a consistency of 87 per cent, followed by Amplia with 84.8 per cent and Flow with 82.4 per cent.

On mobile networks, Digicel and bmobile were statistically even, with scores of 87.2 per cent and 84.1 per cent respectively.

Ookla also measures network speeds by city centres and the top download speeds for fixed-line networks were delivered to Chaguanas (79 Mbps), San Fernando and San Juan. The best mobile download speeds are experienced in San Fernando (29.34 Mbps), Chaguanas and Port of Spain.

Ookla also compared device download speeds in TT, finding that Apple devices delivered the fastest connections at 33.97 Mbps, followed by Samsung mobile devices with 27.33 Mbps.

TSTT explained that the Blink system refers to the company's Fixed Wireless (WTTx) and copper-based internet services. Amplia, Digicel and Flow are all fibre to the home services.


"Digicel tops Ookla broadband-speeds ranking"

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