Promoters: We're not 'pulling back' for Carnival, take personal responsibility in covid fight

Jerome "Rome" Precilla -

The TT Promoters Association president Jerome “Rome” Precilla said he agrees with the Prime Minister that covid19 is here and people need to take personal responsibility in the fight against it.

Rome spoke to media via Whats App after Dr Rowley spoke to the country about TT’s current covid19 condition.

At a press conference at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s, on Thursday, Rowley said the covid19 cases were increasing but that Carnival would go on. He added that there was no need, at this time, for new restrictions or to reintroduce those used before.

University of the West Indies’ (UWI) professor of molecular genetics and virology Dr Christine Carrington said there were four cases of the omicron sub-variant XBB 1.5 in TT.

A January 10 Reuters article said the World Health Organization (WHO) said countries should recommend passengers wear masks on long-haul flights given the rapid spread of the sub-variant in the US.

Rome said he was currently out of the country and when he returned, a meeting would be held with the promoters to discuss what would be put in place when it came to covid19, preventing the spread and putting people at ease so they could come out and have a good time for Carnival.

He said covid19 was here and a lot was known about the virus and what needed to be done to protect one’s self.

“We need to take personal responsibility because we cannot afford to shut down the economy. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility.”

He advised anyone who had symptoms or felt unwell to stay at home.

“Also if you are known to be a high-risk person and suffering from chronic illnesses, this may not be the Carnival for you. You may have to sit this one out.

"Or if you have someone at home who is at high-risk as well, you may have to take that personal responsibility.”

He said the promoters would not be “pulling back” on their events or Carnival.

“We are not going to be pulling back on life as a whole. You all have to remember that our industry has been closed for two years. We were the first to close and the last to reopen. We have families to mind, businesses to run and we need to survive as well.

“So everyone in the population needs to take personal responsibility, at this point, to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

He said there were effective vaccines in abundance in TT and the vaccination drive was on.

The promoters are expecting people to be careful, cautious and take care of themselves for Carnival 2023, he said.

He also called on people to be proactive and begin living healthier lives which included eating healthier and exercising daily.

Creative director of the Tribe group Valmiki Maharaj said the pandemic has adjusted the mindset of people and business owners.

“Everything that we stood for in the pandemic – our group was very pro-vaccination, pro-safety, pro-distancing and working with the advice of the authorities at the particular point in time – that has continued in the way we operate, day-to-day, in our mas camps.”

Maharaj said Carnival was a close-knit business and Caribbean people danced very close to each other. However, the band continues its conversation, through its committee members, to masqueraders about vaccination and keeping safe.

He said there was hand sanitiser in all of its offices and spaces.

“We believe you have to drill it in from home before you take it out. We practise what we preach.”

He added that Tribe and its bands have always equipped all of its spaces with hand-washing stations and encourages its masqueraders to practise proper health practises.


"Promoters: We’re not ‘pulling back’ for Carnival, take personal responsibility in covid fight"

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