4 nations assist with terrorist threat


GOVERNMENT is working closely with the United States, Canada, Britain and the Netherlands government in the wake of recent information that there are over 200 ISIS fighters operating locally.

The four countries are said to be providing state of the art information sharing technology with the local Strategic Services Agency (SSA) and Special Branch.

The collaborative effort is aimed at seeking out former ISIS fighters by placing them under round the clock surveillance. The former fighters have all been profiled and the information placed in a security system. Well placed intelligence sources said that specially trained officers from the four nations continue to visit TT as part of the security assistance programme and every effort is being made to foil any possible terrorist threat to this country.

Special emphasis has been placed on protecting the American Embassy and the oil and gas assets of this county in which the US and Britain have vested interests. A report in the Washington based Stars and Stripes newspaper quoted the head of the US Southern Command, Admiral Kurt Tidd saying that there are more than 100 members of the Islamic State operating in TT.

Responding to questions about the article, Attorney General Faris Al Rawi said he could not comment until he reads the report himself. He said there is a lot of false information and unsubstantiated reports being circulated both locally and internationally, but he pointed out the terrorist threat to TT is very real.

Al-Rawi confirmed that TT has been working closely with international agencies with respect to a terrorist threat but said he could not comment further. Last week Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said there are approximately 200 nationals who have been known to express sympathy and contact with ISIS. Speaking at a news conference following the completion of the meeting of CARICOM heads in Port-au- Prince, Haiti, Rowley said his government is monitoring the situation.


"4 nations assist with terrorist threat"

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