Quaccoo autopsy: he died of natural causes after asthma attack

An autopsy on the body of Tyrone Quaccoo on Saturday morning at the Scarborough General Hospital mortuary reported that he died from natural causes after an asthma attack.

The autopsy was done by Prof Hubert Daisley.

Quaccoo died after he collapsed and hit his head on a wall outside his home at his Store Bay Local Road on January 10. His father, Rosby Quaccoo, who was with him that morning, told Newsday Tobago that his son collapsed after after complaining about breathing problems.

Rosby Quaccoo said he believes injections given to Tyrone on a regular basis as a patient at the Scarborough General Hospital for the last two years made his son collapse.

Tyrone was an asthmatic and also experienced epileptic fits.

Quaccoo said the hospital staff " would give him an injection and when he gets it, he comes like a robot. I did have some conversation with him in the past about that injection. I told him, ‘Boy, don’t take that injection again, just take your tablets.'

"I believe all he need was somebody to talk to, not that injection.”


"Quaccoo autopsy: he died of natural causes after asthma attack"

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