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Friday 17 August 2018
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WASA stops leak

POOL PARTY READY: Ken Sammy says he is ready to get back into the hole if ever the repairs to a broken water main at Cuthbert Street, Diego Martin fails.


Ken Sammy, 68, embarked on an unusual protest against the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) when he sat in a pot hole filled with water near his home at Cuthbert Street, Diego Martin on Thursday.

The event was captured in a video and shared on Facebook.

Sammy’s action caused quite a stir. He was dressed in his underwear and was soaking in the hole as is he was in a jacuzzi.

TAKING A SOAK: Ken Sammy, whose unusual protest against WASA and their failure to fix a burst water main was captured on video and shared on social media on Thursday, is happy the issue was finally addressed after weeks of complaining.

His nephew Navin Angatiah said the hole had been there since December 16 and they had tried calling WASA to repair the broken pipeline “about 56 times,” but the authority never responded. As a result, they had no pipe borne water supply and had to fill buckets at their neighbours.

However, after Sammy’s video was posted online, WASA workers repaired the leak on Thursday night. But Sammy was not happy with the quality of the repair. Yesterday he told Newsday, “They come here and throw some stone in the hole. I am not satisfied. I vex.” This was not the first time Sammy pulled a stunt such as this.

Angatiah said, “My uncle did this two times and I find is real madness for them to now respond.”

Sammy said, “I have been living here for 66 years, I am willing to take action again.”

As Newsday was leaving the house, a WASA vehicle was seen coming to make further repairs.


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