Police called in for disturbance at TADCO

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Police were called to the compound of the Tobago Agribusiness Development Company (TADCO) at Shaw Park on Saturday after a disturbance was reported.

At a media conference on Monday at Shaw Park, TADCO security operations officer Estate Sergeant Gibson-Waite said last Saturday two men visited the compound “under the pretence of (doing business) to retrieve goods stored there.”

Gibson-Waite said one of the individuals accessed the cold-storage platform and spoke to an attendant, however, while being attended to, the individual started a live Facebook video and went into an unauthorised area while recording.

“This unauthorised act was seen by security personnel on duty and they immediately approached the cold-storage platform to investigate. The two customers in question quickly left the platform and entered their vehicle with their windows wound up and hurriedly left.

"An attempt was made at the main gate to intercept these individuals so that communication can be had and that the footage would be removed. The ignored the security officer on duty and drove through the gates.”

She said management was informed and a decision was made to deny the individuals service for the rest of the day.

She said one of the individual returned on foot 15 minutes later and went to the main service area attempting to make a purchase. He was informed of his temporary ban, she said, adding that within five minutes the other man returned to the compound.

“Both individuals were in aggrievance with what management decided and displayed aggression and disrespect to the members of staff who were in the service area along with the security personnel. An announcement was made by both individuals that until the CEO and the chairman of the board presented themselves immediately, that no other customer will be allowed service.”

She said there were customers in the service area waiting and the situation was escalating, so police were contacted.

TADCO’s chairman Ricardo Alfred said: “If staff do not feel safe – what do we do as a company?

"The matter was very, very disheartening and embarrassing – I would want to say, we at TADCO say no to any aggression towards women; we are TADCO are going to say no towards customers trying to bully the staff in any organisation; and definitely we are going to put some measures in place to treat with some of the issues.”


"Police called in for disturbance at TADCO"

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