9 positions in PNM Tobago Council internal election unopposed

PNM Tobago Council political leader Ancil Dennis. - File photo
PNM Tobago Council political leader Ancil Dennis. - File photo

NINE of the 13 positions up for grabs in the PNM Tobago Council’s upcoming internal election are being contested unopposed.

This was announced in a release from the party on April 14.

The council held its nomination exercise on April 12 at the party’s headquarters, Robinson Street, Scarborough.

The internal election takes place on April 27 and 28.

Of the nomination process, PNM Tobago Council political leader Ancil Dennis told Newsday, “Any member of the party could have offered themselves for any position on the party’s executive.

“So the positions that were unopposed simply means that those persons will be automatically elected on election day, which is April 27, and it culminates with our convention on the 28th of April.”

He said in circumstances where there is more than one nominee, “Obviously that means those persons will be placed on a ballot and the membership of the party will vote for their candidate of choice. That is how the process works.”

Dennis reiterated four executive positions – political leader, chairman, vice-chairman and general secretary – will not be contested until 2026. Those office-holders were elected for four-year terms in 2022.

“So the positions that are being contested now were elected for two-year terms, and those positions are due for re-election, since they were elected in 2022 as well.”

The Tobago Council will host a membership consultation on April 17 via Zoom to discuss the party’s platform

It is also expected to host a public meeting on April 21 at the Canaan/Bon Accord Multipurpose Facility, Centre Street, Canaan, from 5pm.

Unopposed positions

Lady vice-chairman – Nicole Henry Waldron

Assistant general secretary – Keston Williams

Research officer – Giselle Davis

PRO – Laurence Hislop

Welfare officer – Latoya Horsford

Social media officer – Kristen Salandy

Labour relations officer – Justin John

Field officer – Pete Gray

Operations officer – Ancil Thorne

Contested positions

Education officer – Gerard Brown, Rennison Quashie, Shimica Toppin

Election officer – Marilon David, Kurt Wilson

Youth officer – Andre Baker, Quincy Trim

Treasurer – Godwyn Richardson, Maxslon Roberts


"9 positions in PNM Tobago Council internal election unopposed"

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