Kamla's supporters should be ashamed

UNC Political Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar surrounded by supporters at a UNC rally. - File photo
UNC Political Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar surrounded by supporters at a UNC rally. - File photo

THE EDITOR: Every single person and group that expressed support for Kamla should hang their heads in shame. Because when she was busy embracing and taking pictures with Phillip Edward Alexander, a man who has said the worst things about the UNC, you all said and did nothing!

After Rushton Paray would have served as a UNC MP for two terms, you all called him a PNM, because a decade ago he would have given donations to both the PNM and UNC at a time when he was a private businessman. All of a sudden this has become a burning issue. After he simply asked for internal elections to be held when they are due according to the UNC’s own constitution.

In politics, sometimes it is more important to pay attention to what is not said as opposed to only what is said.

Kamla claims “Rushton is PNM” but perhaps it is because that’s the only card she can play. Notice that not she or anyone has said Rushton is corrupt, dishonest, immoral, a drunk, a failed businessman who attempted to use politics to make money, or that he is not a man of his word or not a family man.

Neither she nor anyone else can say any of these things because they simply are not true.

So the UNC leader used the party faithful’s biggest fear – that Paray is a PNM. She thinks all of us will forget how just a few weeks ago she was cozying up with the PNM's B team leader, after years of him calling her and the UNC the nastiest of names.

Double-standard, hypocrisy or just plain old sheep, that is still to be decided. What is a done deal is another cuttail at the polls in the 2025 general elections. Because as terrible as this Keith Rowley-led government is, picking Phillip over Rushton is the kind of act that independent voters who put country over party will abhor and will not vote for.

To the UNC and their supporters, I say: enjoy another election loss and another five years in the political wilderness.

Imtiaz Ali

Via e-mail


"Kamla’s supporters should be ashamed"

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