Erin men robbed, pushed down precipice

 - File photo
- File photo

Police are investigating an incident in which two Erin men were robbed and thrown down a precipice in Bueno Ayres on Friday morning.

Police said the men, from Pepper Village, were on their way home shortly after 1 am in their Mazda B2500 when they were intercepted by a vehicle near the Buenos Ayres Government Primary School.

Two men got out and announced a robbery. The assailants ordered the Erin men out of the car and hit both the driver and the passenger blows to the chest before ordering them to empty their pockets.

The robbers took $6,000 from the driver which represented his sales for the day from his bar. They also took both men's phones.

The assailants ordered the men to the side of the road, then pushed them over the edge of the precipice.

They then stole their car, which contained an additional $6,000.

Police have been unable to find the stolen vehicle.


"Erin men robbed, pushed down precipice"

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