What binds us together

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- Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: A Respected friend, aware of my zeal to write last weekend, offered a soothing reminder: “Good news, Trinis do not want doom and gloom this holy weekend.”

Rightfully so, given that during the weekend’s religious observances, our cultural diversity took centre stage with the arrival of hot cross buns, the familiar scent of grated cocoa tea, the comfort of stewed fish with provisions, and the annual tradition of the good ole spectacle of the Good Friday bobolee.

These cherished culinary delights and age-old traditions are more than annual practices; they are puzzle pieces carefully placed together to create our picture-perfect reflective history, representing themes of faith, sacrifice, unity and solidarity that bind us together.

As Christians commemorate Easter, with the observance of Baptist Liberation Day on Saturday and the impending Eidul-Fitr on the horizon, the significance of these celebrations demonstrates our shared journey as a people.

The steadfast commitment of the Baptist community to their faith is authentic evidence of resilience and conviction during adversity. Bells ring out with unwavering dedication that resonates through the records of our history, inspiring future generations to embrace the essence of freedom and spiritual devotion.

Similarly, the Muslim society, despite widespread misconceptions and prejudices, continues to uphold their beliefs with dignity and serve their communities with positivity. During these annual festivities and the culinary delights associated with each religious celebratory tradition, there is a moment of introspection.

As Christians gathered in reverence to commemorate the ultimate act of love symbolised by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, hearts were heavy with gratitude. This reflection rises above religious boundaries, reminding us that our identity is not solely defined by athletic or academic accolades, but also by our resilience in the face of religious trials, reinforced by community support and the practice of religious freedom.

In the heart of these observances, political affiliations are abandoned and differences dissolve in the warmth of our shared devotion.

As the weekend unfolded, so did our diversity, with Christians, Muslims, Baptists and citizens from all walks of life coming together in prayer or celebration. It is a touching illustration of the fundamental unity that binds us – a unity forged not by coercion, but by a genuine appreciation for the richness of our differences; religious or otherwise.

In these moments of united reflection, we find a sense of peace in the realisation that what unites us far outweighs what divides us. Let us continue to embrace and actively demonstrate respect for our diversity and keep it as a model for other nations seeking the harmony that can be reached.


Woodbrook, PoS


"What binds us together"

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