Trinidad and Tobago celebrates diamond jubilee of Independence


Sixty years ago, these two islands became one nation, as Trinidad and Tobago was freed from British rule and became independent.

The Union Jack was lowered in front of the Red House to the sound of the Last Post played on a bugle, and the country's red, white black flag rose was hoisted for the first time to flutter proudly to the strains of our new national anthem.

At that time the queen was still this country's head of state: it was not until another 14 years later that the country became a republic, and it remains an actiive and eager member of the Commonwealth as well as a stalwart of the Caribbean Community (Caricom).

Now, 60 years after Independence, in this special section, Newsday explores monumental events, risen stars and both the acknowedged and some unsung heroes of those decades.

We invite readers to consider what has changed and what has remained the same since then.

Through looking back at the past we may gain inspiration for the nation's future growth, as we celebrate the diamond jubilee of Trinidad and Tobago.


"Trinidad and Tobago celebrates diamond jubilee of Independence"

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